Dear Self With Love
Dear Self With Love
EP 13 | Future-Self Letter Writing Workshop

EP 13 | Future-Self Letter Writing Workshop

Grab your some paper, brew some tea, light a candle and get cozy!

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Hey friends!

I’m writing to you today from a winter wonderland where the snow has finally arrived in Wisconsin. I wanted to repurpose last weekend’s future-self letter writing workshop into a podcast episode that you can follow along with and cozy up to this weekend.

Winter is such a wonderful time to hibernate into self-care and personal reflection. The colder weather and shorter days are big permission slips to stay inside and create a soul-soothing ambience. I’m excited to share this practice with you, and am imagining you carving out an hour for yourself where you’ll create this special gift for future-you. Your future-self will be so delighted to open this letter out there in January 2025.

Grab some writing materials, brew some tea, light a candle, press play and follow along with this step-by-step audio workshop! I can’t wait to receive your letters at the PO Box and hold them for you this year!

With Love,


Send Stamped Letters To:

Dear Self With Love Studio | 6650 W State Street Suite D #176 Wauwatosa, WI 53213

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  • The new moon honey tincture I learned how to make this week. I infused raw honey with fennel, ginger and hibiscus! Now it’s sitting until the full moon :)

  • That Ru Paul Fridays are BACK!!

  • The morning smoothie I’ve been making for Taj and I this past week, loaded with vitamin C. Try frozen butternut squash, frozen bananas, orange juice, fresh ginger, fresh turmeric, yogurt, spinach and bee pollen sometime!

  • The feeling of coming back into the warm house after being out in the snow <3

Dear Self With Love
Dear Self With Love
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